Which Web Hosting You Should Chose


If we talk about hosting! most of the time it will involved website! and with website, we can do online marketing! whether its to sell some stuff, or write about some information(branding), that some people will read and use it!  but today, I will not talk about web marketing or something like that! instead, I will talk about what kind of hosting that we should choose to get maximum result from online marketing!

there are so many hosting company in market! from  Windstream Hosting , Hawk Host, Hostgator, Niaga and etc! but if you ask which hosting company I will chose from so many option that available! then my answer would be simple! that is the best and the cheapest! actually there's no best or flawless web hosting company, because of 1-2 reason! but at least, I only pay the most reasonable price and get best quality! so the most important question is, which one, and what kind of hosting are the most reasonable to choose ?

First step that I will see from hosting company and I can tell whether they good hosting or bad hosting, is simply from the price! if the price to low, most of the time, this kind of hosting are bad hosting! because its to cheap, most spammer will use it! and it mean bad hosting! of course at first that hosting are not bad! but once some spammer tarnish that host company! believe it or not, that hosting company will be bad as hell! why ? because Google will detect and have history about bad hosting! in simple term, Google bot will not crawl and very rare visit that hosting! it mean bad to get ranking with google! 

when I said price! doesn't mean it have to be expensive such a s $50 per month or what so ever! $10 hosting per month are okay! because most spammer will avoid $10 hosting! and just FYI, most of spammer basically are form 3rd world! they have diligence and hard work! so $10 are good enough to separate the good hosting and the bad! 

Secondly,  pay attention with what they offer, and what feature you will get! such as how many domain you can add, website installer, website technology, email future and etc! most of the time, all hosting company will offer same feature! so if the price to much or to expensive, don't chose that kind of hosting! because $100 per month for shared hosting are a little bit to much! 

the last is! see what everyone tell ! most of the time, bad hosting always get to much bad review! if only 1 or 2 bad review it can be some competitor review! but if they get hundreds bad review! it must be red flag, and clear indication, that hosting are have big problems with their costumer!

well, those 3 step are more than enough! first, the price, secondly the feature, and the last is what previous costumer said! if this 3 criteria qualify! then choose that hosting! because most hosting are same, and only have a little different! but in my experiences, this 3 criteria are good to go, with hosting company!


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