How much do solar panels cost for a resident home

typical cost of solar panels for a house

How much do solar panels cost for a house ? it depend on how many you consume electricity per month! if your home consume 500 kwh per month, actually you can power your house with solar panels system that have capacity about 2 kilo watt!  because with 2 kilo watt, you can give electricity to a few appliance! such as, light bulb, refrigerator, PC, TV, Fan and etc!  but for big size house that consume 1000 you will need twice capacity, that can produce at least 4-5 kilo watt per day! 

So if we calculate the detail, the exact figure about less than $4000 , you can go to amazone if you want to buy separate parts! and choose the cheap one! or you can buy package or solar system tool kit! some website have that kind of offer, with good deals, and the price about $3494 and it can give you 2 kilo watt capacity! 

but if you want to find cheapest deals, you can go to ebay, or amazon, and buy each part, and choose the lowest price they can give! some people will do that, but other prefer with one package only! but if you new, or just starting with solar panels system, my suggestion is! try with small watt! 200 or maybe 500 watt capacity! many seller with this small package! the idea is to know and learn about the system! if you already getting used to it, then up grade the capacity to power up all your appliance! 

but of course, if you don't have time to do this, and you prefer with handy man, then go ahead and buy the biggest package! all you have to do, is watch them do the labor for you! I am sure it can be done with 1-2 day! and after that. you can enjoy free electricity with solar system! for years to come! 😎


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