MOAB Bomb Drop in Afghanistan!

MOAB BOM or Massive Ordnance Air Blast, are drop In Afghanistan! MOAB are almost same like nuclear, it can wipe out almost 300 meter range! because the power almost equal with 11 Ton TNT! but not like nuclear! MOAB don't build with radioactive, so the effect are less than Nuclear Bomb! but on the other hand, it also can make great impact, with Bombing location! because the heat are twice from nuclear BOmb!

But the question is, why MOAB drop in Afghanistan ? Good question! recently as you already know there is a conflict between North Korea and US, North Korea said, they will use Nuclear to Nuke US! because Donald trump always tweeting and make situation more worse! as result Kim Jong UN really mad with Donald! but this situation not because just tweeting or something!  but because pro assad and contra! 

and because of this matter, and oil, the pro and contra with Assad,  are getting ready to make some wars! not so sure its just only oil, or other reason! but we all know most of conflict in middle east are about oil! because for big country such as China and USA, most of the time, will need to control oil supply in order to push inflation and high price! if they can't solve oil problems, it can make their economy unstable!

so the conclusion is, USA drop MOAB in Afghanistan simply because they want to send message to North Korea, because they Have MOAB, other than nuclear bomb!


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