North Korea Parade Missile fake!

North Korea Parade Missile fake

Some Experts says, Missile on North Korea parade are fake, because from the image show undulating skin! because normally for missile it should be symmetric! in order to get through the air and not holding it the movement! but Markus experts from german, also stating, even the north korea showing fake missile in the parade, it doesn't mean they have one! yes, they have somewhere in some place! 

as we all know, North Korea and US have big tension, and almost doing war! because president Trump want, to change North Korea Regime! but on the other hand, Kim Jong Un, doesn't want to leave his seat! so it's very dilemma tic situation! not to mention that Kim Regime already there for a long time! so it's very hard request! so in order to change the regime, whether like it or not, must be on forced! i.e war happen!

last time Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un, already doing some talk, but it seem they failed, and don't agree each other! so the tension between US and North Korea are getting Hot! there are many speculation that war could happen! and also there's a conflict between Pro Assad and Con! as we already know North Korea are Pro Assad, meanwhile US are contra with Assad!  so it seem, war is probably going to happen! unless, Donald trump can provide better solution for north and US!


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