How many of the bee gees are still alive

bee gees

how many of the bee gees are still alive, there only 1, I.e Barry Gibb! other member already died because of liver and kidney failure (robin)  and for Maurice Gibb he died because twisted intestine!  Bee Gees member that still alive and healthy are only Barry! and recently Barry and Jhon will Jam together at CBS! I think both of them will sing Saturday Night Fever! because Jhon travolta at that times, are Bee Gees Video Clip star!

Barry Gibs will do performance at CBS Grammy salute, stayin alive! and I think it would be cool if Barry and Jhon Travolta show together! Barry do the singing, meanwhile Jhon do the dancing! lol, I think that would be cool and bring back, memorize on 80's!

And do you know that Bee Gees, actually have little brother!  nammed Andy Gibb! he also a singer, but died at young age, 30! he died because consuming Coke, and causing Heart inflammation, or myocarditis! it's to bad, because the Brother are very famous at that time! if Andy not consume Coke, he could be famous as Bee gee! and make more fortune! but moral story is, keep healthy and staying alive! 😂


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