how to make yourself fall asleep instantly

make yourself fall asleep

how to fall asleep instantly ? well there's a few tricks that you can try to fall asleep almost instantly! maybe not instant, but make you sleep faster! the reason why we fall asleep very hard, its because there are so many thought in our hear, and because of that reason we have high stress, tension, emotion and etc! and if we can get rid those of things, most of the time, we can sleep well more faster !

there's a way to get rid those tension, stress, emotion and etc! by doing deep breathing, and a feew technique to implement! first you need to take a deep breath! count to 5, and then release! but don't release immediately! also you do the count for releasing! count to 5 also, release the breath very slowly! do this, 5 to 10 minutes!  

The reason why we should take deep breathing, is because this technique can get rid those of stress and tension! and as result we don't have a lot of mind, in our head, so that's why we can fall asleep more faster than before! but if we don't do this or no take deep breathing, we will have difficulties to sleep! for long term, it could be bad for health! not mention to insomnia or what so ever! so try this trick, and watch the result!


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