how much money did the good friday appeal make

good friday appea

Want to know how much money did the good friday appeal make ? last time I saw on Facebook Good friday appeal raise about 17 Million Dollar from total donation! personally for me donation or any kind of charity, are good deeds that we can do! no matter how small our donation, still it can help some people out there! and to help others, doesn't mean you have to give $1 Million Dollar! cause the most important of donation, are our willingness to heal each other! and that's very rare in this modern age!

Good Friday appeal donation are most of money are give to Royal Children's hospital! so that hospital can treated so many kids, that needing surgery or something like that! When we do donation its like sending messages that people out there still help, even if they don't know about them! for long term it can create good atmosphere and loosing the gap between the poor and rich! as you may know, these day are very often happen something weird event! such as, terrorism, shooting, violence, and etc! and hopefully by doing charity, it can reduce crime or even stop violence! 

Hopefully people that give donation to other people and kids, I hope they can get return from God! and hopefully their wealth can increase, so they can make donation all year! I read in some website! that for some people that always make routine donation, it can help to increase their wealth! I am not sure, and forget about the case study about donation! all I remember is, if we do charity it can help our wealth increase about 10% and also, when we do charity make sure, you give your money from hardwork and not from steal other people money! cause it can increase bad karma! anyway guys, thanks for reading :D


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