Solar panels a good investment for Long Term

solar panels investment

Are Solar Panels Worth the Investment ? the answer would be yes and no! because it will depend on situation and condition! for example, if your house consume electricity per month about 500 kwh, and you pay electricity bills per month $100, so in the next 5 years, you will pay electricity about $6000 dollar! mean while if you use solar panels system you only pay about $4000 dollar! it mean for 5 years solar system are profitable and good investment! at least it can save almost 50% 

But several cases, if you live in Asia, you pay energy bills about $20 bucks! in 5 years, you pay electricity about $1200, meanwhile if you build solar system it can cost you $6000! so, its bad investment! even 9 years old girls can read that clearly! 😎

and just like I said, good investment or bad investment it will depend on situation condition and Geography location! for some people solar panels are good solution! but for other, it could be bad, or not profitable as other people! but there's also rare situation, even if you live in Asia, but doing important mission on some place that far from city! lets say, jungle! you work in mining company! as researcher, whether you like it or not, you need electricity to make report and other works! cause if not, you can't work and make progress! but my point is, good investment are not for everyone! but on the hand, you must do bad investment because of some reason such as work or duty!


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