MOAB Bombs Donald Trump Proud!

moab bomb Donald Trump

Recently US military launch MOAB bomb to Afghanistan in order to stop Isis movement more further! but on the other hand, US also have problems with North Korea that saying they will use Nuke to attack US! so, when military launch MOAB bomb, its like hit two birds with one stone! ISIS camp destroy, and it also send messages to North Korea, that USA have Mother Of All Bomb to strike north korea without using Nuclear bomb! with this way, there's possibility that north korea with move nicely with US and quite for a while!

The Idea using a bomb actually not to using it, instead to send fear to enemy! there's no guarantee this method will works! but for trump that like to brag, it make him very proud and happy! because if they don't do anything, there's a chance that NK will strike first with Nuke! but after they saw MOAB or Massive Ordnance Air Blast, they will not move carelessly! 

Even though, MOAB cost are very expensive, about $16 millions USD, until this time USA only have about 20 , so they spend for Mother of All bomb about $300 million of dollar! so imagine if trump use all of this bomb! this can be great loss! but it would be better, if US get strike for not using this! after all bomb are use to strike and not to keep it! at least for non nuclear bomb, it less danger than nuclear bomb, that contain a lot of radioactive!

So moral story of MOAB in Afghanistan is, you can hit two birds with one stone strike! and if it not working! well, I think its the risk ! i.e loss about $16 million USD!


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