north korea missile launch fails

north korea missile test

north korea missile launch fails  on sunday! according to Us pacific commander, recently they saw, North korea doing missiles test! but it seem 40 second after the flight the missiles blow away and failed! some experts saying, there's probably US cyber intervention, because they don't want to make this launching test success! because from there, North korea can go more further!   and as result, it can go to big war!

doing cyber attack to north korea system are the most effective way to prevent war! and also it can downgrade their war moral! if missiles test success, it can raise their moral and go to war! at this moment, China also want North Korea, settle this problems with peace! that's why US and China try to Rein North korea, and stop their Missiles test! 

Basically China and US want the tension between them can be settle without have to war! because china already saying and give warn to North Korea, that they will take action if North korea still doing missiles test! but unfortunately North Korea ignore china warning, and still doing test! and this situation can make the situation getting worse! but thanks god, North Korea missiles test failed to launch! once again, the world in peace! 😎


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