Work At Home with Amazon!

amazon jobs az work from home

As you may already know, recently Amazon increase Jobs at home! and I saw in their site, they have many position available form Costumer service virtual, to manager product! so if you asking does amazon jobs az work from home are real ? my answer is yes!  in fact amazon want to increase job from home up to 30.000 worker! maybe the reason because amazon get amazing result with people that work at home! 

Most people that already getting used to with Home jobs, especially for freelancer, or maybe programmer, most of the time, they have great skill and great costumer relation! so, I am not surprise, if Amazon trying to increase their home job position to 10 thousands people!

generally most company want their worker work at office, because with that way, company can control their work, and can increase productivity! but for some position such as costumer service or call center, actually they don't need to! because if worker have facility such as good internet connection and newest PC, I think its more than enough! 

so the conclusion is amazon already receive great success by trying to create new environment i.e work at home! and it seem they already success and get good result! so hopefully in future, most company will try the same path like amazon do!


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