How to build a solar panel and the Cost

build solar panel

Want to know how to build solar panel and how much do solar panels cost ? to build or install solar panels basically its not that hard! in fact you solar panels system in you house in just 5 minutes! but of course you must charge the battery in order to get electric from solar panels! 

Basically to build solar panels  there's 5 component or parts to make solar panels works, and get free electricity! first part is, solar panels cell, Controller charger, Battery and power inverter! if you have these 5 part, you can free electricity anywhere! including in a jungle! most company will charge up to 25k dollar just to have solar system! the reason why its so expensive , because the labor cost and the price of spare part! but if you can do by yourself or DIY solar panels system, it can save a lot of money! 😎

I can give or teach you how to build solar panels all day! but I am sure you don't have time to do that! so, I have to short that complicated stuff! and how to build solar panels system easily with cheap prices! 😂  ok without wasting a time, I will give some tips how to get this system with less $200 😎

First go to amazon! find solar panels cell! some people will sell less than $99 some will sell $137! my suggestion is, try to find best quality with best price! maybe $140 still reasonable! after you already have solar cell! try to find this part! i.e portable battery for solar panels! if you have these 2 items, you can start to convert sun light into electric! 😎 I saw at amazon, portable battery or solar panel power station! the price only $99 , so $99 with $137 its about $236! in a nut shell! you can can have solar panels system with only $236

just FYI, try to learn how to create cable for solar panels! because some seller, will only sell raw materials, but some will give you the cable and etc! but just ask to them, is it raw or they already put some cable in there. so you can plug in with portable charger! just ask, them I am sure they will glad to answer!


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