Is There Any Congestion Charge on Good Friday

congestion charge route

is there any congestion charge today, on Good friday ? for public holiday, weekend, are free to charge! it mean there's no congestion charge on good friday! if you want to get discount you need to register using auto pay!(will need CC and other document) when you using autopay, you will get discount 10%! and if you register as resident or local that near Congestion Charge Zone, you can get discount 90% it mean you only pay, £1.05! instead of £11.55, in order to get as resident! you will need document as proof that you are live in Congestion chare zone!

Normally or sunday to Friday! from 07.00-18.00! if you pass Congestion Charge zone/route, you have to pay about £11.55! per day! especially if you not use autopay! and also you have to pay before midnight, other wise you'll get penalty or PCN! if you want to avoid Congestion charge Zone, you have to find alternative route! but for if you have to pass the zone, or have urgent need, the best way you can do, is by using autopay using CC or debit card! at least you can get discount about 10%! and don't have to worry about the penalty! 

Why have to pay, when you pass Congestion Charge zone ? well, the main purpose are to avoid traffic Jam! so that' why the regulation call as Congestion Charge! or pay if you pas traffic jam route! but if you can find the best alternative route, its good for you! but most of the time, people that pass that zone, are people that live in there or resident!  this kind of regulation are almost in every country, but every country always have different names!  anyway, thanks for reading! :)


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