How to Apply for Amazon Work From Home Jobs

jobs from home

How to apply home jobs with amazon ? if you want to apply amazon jobs from home, actually the procedure are same, just like we apply for real jobs! the only different are you need to qualify some requirement, such as, fast internet connection, the lates OS Windows, some foreign language and etc!

For detail information visit amazon jobs virtual locationor visit this amazon pages(! in there you'll get all jobs position that work from home! choose the best job position that you really good at! after choosing one, send some email! wait for interview, and that's it! you ready to rock! 😎 a little tips for me, so amazon can hired you very fast! 

First of all, don't apply a jobs, if you really not so sure about the jobs desc! if you quite confident with the jobs! you may apply! the most important things that can help you to get hired is, do your home work! this is very important! because most of HR staff, will love people that know almost everything about the jobs! so that's why, before you apply you need should do research, about what is the jobs, what the biggest problems, find solution and etc! if you already know about that jobs that's good! but if you not 100% sure, try to learn the industry, knowing the issue, and find the solution! if you can find and knowing the best solution, and HR manager sure about you deal the problems! most of the time, you'll get hired! simply because they don't to teach some noobs! 

Secondly is, try to make connection , send him.her good vibe or friendly personality! if they accept that, that's a good start! because most of the time, when you get hired is not because just skill or grade! sometime personality are count! who don't want friendly employee right ? but who want trouble maker ? yep! everyone don't want trouble maker! because it can infected the environment! so, show them, that you are good people, don't have problems with socialization or etc! yeah, I know this is home jobs! but good personality count!

last but not least! try to understand the situation! what company want! and give them! most of the time, they only want experiences worker, have good skill, not hard to adapt, and cheap payment! but of course it will depend on situation! there's a story that most company actually want purple squirrel! we all know it doesn't exist! but most of them are want that! just show them a little that you are purple squirrel! but don't over do! just make normal squirrel! I am sure its more than enought! i.e good skill, and good personalty! 

I think that's it guys! enough for today! next time, I will give some good tips! and I hope tips above can make you get the jobs! :)


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