Advantages and disadvantages for solar energy

disadvantages for solar energy

there are some advantages and disadvantages for solar energy! because all system are always have advantages and disadvantages! and its very normal! even for solar system! solar system are new technology! at least solar panels system popularity increase in 2010!  and now most people already use that system to get free electricity!

if you ask the disadvantages from solar panels system! then the answer are clearly high cost! to build solar energy system will needing at least ten thousand dollar to get decent watt, and to power all appliance for medium house! and also this system have high dependency to sunlight! so if there's no sun light! then no electricity!

but if we consider to the advantages from this system are, very good investment! for long run! especially for a house that pay big money for electricity bills! this system also have low maintenance cost, and no need to pay maintenance fee permonth! and most of spare parts to build solar panels, the also have good quality! and can give guarantee until 5 years to come!  so this is good investment for long run! but small people that pay electricity under $100, this system are not for them!


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