us reaction to north korea missile launch

us response north korea

us response to north korea missile test  by doing surprise visit to DMZ, US vice president give moral strength to their army in south Korea! and stating, this is the end of patience game! don't test US, Mike said! its very brave statement! for vice president visiting The Korean Demilitarized Zone, are unusual! because if North korea make a move and shoot Mike! it could be the change everything! but still visiting enemy zone are very risky and need big guts to do that!

By doing Missile launch North korea are like saying, we ready to go all out! this is very very dangerous situations, if China and US can't deal the situation, war are going to happen! cause the situation are out of the control! nobody want to get attack, but doing provocation are mike situation more worse, and the tension with US are becoming real and near to war era! 

But I really hope China and US can resolve the situation without have to sacrificing millions of life and go to war! there always be solution for every problems! but it seem under tension situation, nobody can't think the best solution! especially if their head as the stake! but let see what's going to happen! peace or war as the end result!  


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