How to tie a double windsor knot

tie a double windsor knot

How to tie a double windsor knot at first Doing tie a tie its not easy! especially when it our first time! yeah I know I also doing tie a tie, when I got my first job! but when I go school, I never try doing tie a tie! so its very hard for me to do it! but after do practice almost every day, one week time goes by, I can doit naturally, without have to thinking and by hear! yeah, I know its weird, from can't to without thinking! after that, I was thinking maybe that's how it works! i.e doing practice! 

just like when we was kid, doing shoelace and we can't! we try for an hour, but we can do it right! but after times, since we do shoelace almost everyday, then just can, that's how it works! bellow I provide from the experts how to a tie double windsor know! hopefully you like it the tutorial and not the tutor! lol 😂


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