How expensive is solar power to install

solar panels installation

how expensive are solar panels for your home ? if you install by your self, the cost can be affordable! but if someone do it for you! the cost would be high and expensive! basically if you want to get cheap solar panels system under 5k, USD actually you can, but first you must learn how to install it! because this is the main problems! 

why solar panel system can be very expensive ? first of all, if someone do it for you, it mean they have to make profit! but if you know how solar panels works! you can save a lot of money! because all you have to do, is by solar panels cell and portable battery! and that's it! with this 2 parts, you can convert sun light into electricity! 

The Question is where to buy solar panels system for a house? well, you can get solar assembly every where! amazon, wholesaler, ebay and etc! on amazon, there is so many people that selling solar panels spare parts! from solar panel cell, controller charger, battery, and inverter! to build solar panel system, you only need 5 parts! first solar panels cell! is to absorb and convert sun into electricity! second part is, charger controller! this parts, to control electricity from solar panel to battery! and battery are to save electricity and use it to power your electric equipment! and the last part is, inverter! inverter is to change DC to AC without inverter you can discharge the battery to electronic equipment!  

and if you learn how to install solar panels DIY, trust me! it will not be expensive as you think! in fact less than $5000 you can get 3 kilo watt! its more than enough to power medium house! or 10 PC!


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