Earth Day Tips for The Office 2017

Want to know about Earth Day Tips for The Office ? today, is earth day! it's time for us to do " go Green"  stuff! when some one mention about go green stuff! it doesn't mean only about recycle or even with tree or plants! in fact Go green can be implemented in your office or in daily day jobs! for example! most of company use paper! paper mean cut the tree! if your company start to use less paper, it can help to reduce tree logging! for long run, it can be win win solution between company and mother nature!

If most company use the latest technology or start to use gadget! e.g tablet, PC, laptop and etc! it can reduce paper usage! what most people to realize is, paper are not the only things, to run an office! you can use gadget to make presentation, or make report to manager!  and so on! but my point is, go green mean good for everyone and earth!

A few tips for earth day in the office! 

Go on foot or use bicycle to the office! if you live near with office!  don't use car! instead go on foot! it can save money and also good for environment without cars pollution! your boss only tell you come on time! she/he never mention use car to office right ? so try go green stuff! i.e use bike!

Use less paper ! most of company always love to spend paper! in fact if we realize, using paper actually don't bring any benefit at all! 😎 because in the age, digital are the you need! use gadget, and spread your company product to the world!  it can save money and also will be more far effective!

Use Electronic that have  save energy label! this kind of office equipment are very expensive! the reason why so expensive are simply because, they use high quality product! as result it can save more energy! but on the other hand, it will cost you lot of money! but for long run,  its win win solution!

Use solar system! solar energy are expensive system! especially for people that not familiar with DIY solar energy! because the price for solar cell, it can cost you about thousands of dollar! but if you have solar cell, you don't have to worry to pay electricity bill, or even scarcity energy! because solar sell can make you free electric and use every time you want , and you don't need to pay at all!  but my point is, your office can start to use solar energy system, and don't have to pay electricity bills! 


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